Buying vs Leasing

Hey there, New Jersey drivers-are you on the fence between buying vs. leasing? We know that there are so many cars to choose from on the vehicle market, already, and having to decide how you want to take it home is another thing entirely. Luckily, our team at World Subaru is here to helpPerson Holding Keys with Used Cars in the Background with that. We know that you need a reliable ride to take you around Tinton Falls, Middletown Township, and Long Branch, but the best way to take it home will depend on you.

Read on to learn more about buying and leasing a Subaru, as well as which option is best for you.

Perks to Buying a Car

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands on a new car of your own. Buying comes with its own wealth of benefits, such as owning the car in your driveway, for one. That freedom cannot be underestimated, because it means it’s yours. Do what you like with it, drive where you want with it, customize and accessorize as you will.

Buying a car might come with a higher price tag, but that just means you own the car, first and foremost.

What About Leasing?

Alright, so when you compare leasing to buying, why does it stand out? As we said, it’s a matter of preference-however, some people truly benefit from having a short-term commitment. When you’re signing up for a lease, you’re preparing yourself for a two to three year plan that will conclude with you returning the vehicle, so there’s no question of what you’ll end up doing with it, and no hand-me-down to up and coming drivers in the family.

If you like driving the newest cars on the market at a lower cost, leases are fantastic. They have brand new technology that you get to experiment with, as well as the promise of impressive performance, since the rides are so new. Enjoy the variety that comes with trying out new leases every few years, and see if you find a car that sticks.

Ups and Downs

Couple Signing Finance ApplicationOf course, each option has a side that some drivers might prefer, some may not. For instance, if you lease a car, you’ll be getting the newest rides and the newest tech for a limited period of time-however, since it doesn’t officially belong to you, there are mileage and personalization limits instilled that simply aren’t relevant when you’re buying your own ride.

Conversely, when you buy, you have all the freedom in the world-but those new cars get old after a little while, and you’ll eventually experience a depreciation that wouldn’t occur if you strictly lease a vehicle. This, in particular, showcases that whether you should lease or buy depends on the kind of driver you are.

Buy or Lease with Us Today!

As you can see, when it comes down to buying vs. leasing, what ultimately matters is your preference. There are advantages to each, and what you decide will be a great choice either way. So, what do you think? Are you ready to lease or buy with the team at World Subaru?

Then you know what to do. Get in touch with our team or swing by our dealer in person near Tinton Falls, Middletown Township, and Long Branch, NJ. You’ll take home a car you love before you know it.