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Customer Review 2/11/19 
"Sam Spencer, Tara and Nicole, a Winning Trifecta" - keneska44
This is our second time dealing with Sam. He is friendly, professional and low/no pressure. He listens to his clients and doesn't go on about why you should have this or that option. He explains what is available and let's you make the decision. Nicole and Tara provide a lesson on the features of the vehicle, in this case a Crosstrek. We had a Legacy. The car is phenomenal with the Eyesight, Adaptive Cruise Control and you can actually project your iPhone or Android apps to the screen. That means you can use Waze right on the vehicle screen. They also have an app that lets you stop or start the car remotely. A great experience. Highly recommended.

Customer Review 2/9/19
"So simple!" - Crosstrekkie2
Just got my second Crosstrek from World Subaru. My first was totaled on the way down to FL, and thanks to Subaru and their well built cars, neither my husband nor my dog were injured. Because of this, I won't go with any other car. The people in the dealership couldn't be nicer. Sam Spencer is such a great guy, I never felt pressured into buying any options that I didn't want. He answered our questions quickly and thoroughly be it in person or through emails and texts. He is extremely professional, and we got what I think is a very good deal. A shout out to Kristen Inaugurato who walked me through the financing stuff and Nicole Sciamarelli who walked me through all the new features (which were numerous bc my last Crosstrek was a 2014). Both explained everything in a clear and concise way, never making me feel stupid. Thanks everyone at Subaru, you make something people usually dread doing very easy!

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