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Customer Review 10/16/18 
"World Subaru was great!" - World Subaru
My husband loves Subaru products and is on his 3rd Forrester. When it was time for me to replace my car we chose World Subaru again. Tim Stewart is an true sales professional, making sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase, and any follow up situations that may arise. Tara Mullins knows the ins and outs of all the interior accessories, and made sure to show me everything and to make sure I understood every bell and whistle in my new vehicle. I would highly recommend both of them to anyone looking to purchase a new or used vehicle.
Customer Review 10/5/18 
"Service Experience" - mladdaga
World Subaru provides a "Best in Class" service experience. Making an appointment is fast and simple. The mechanics are top notch and Nancy Miller (Lead Service Rep) is a true professional who always goes the extra mile to provide a superior customer experience!! Once they commit to a repair completion time they keep it!!! I highly recommend this dealership.

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